Archiving old reel & development

After more than 3 years it was time to do a new rigging reel with a compilation of some work from MPC and goodbye kansas. Potentially will update it with few rigs from DNEG.

This post mainly is about a collection of some of my old muscle rigs and show I have been working since I was student until leaving for London.

The muscular biped character is from my diploma thesis project, a short film animation which has been in 3 animation festivals (2 Greece, 1 in Spain). The second creature is for a tvc at Ixor vfx.

A reel with various rigs for tvc and tv shows

A facial rig tool I developed for my diploma thesis in the first place and implement it in few rigs for Ixor vfx as well. The second one is a py class for tails, tongues and hair.

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